Did you know, vegans can smell good and look pretty?

You may have noticed this is becoming less and less of a food blog…I blame the lack of batteries in my camera. I am working on a pretty awesome goat cheese-like dip recipe, though…I’ll get back to you on that. Anyway.

Ok, first of all, you can smell good (or like a person, that’s cool) and look pretty without make-up and fancy soaps and whatnot. You’re beautiful just the way you are! Yes, you! But, anyway, if you want to spend hundreds of dollars to smell like candy and have make-up like I do, that’s cool too!

By the way, I am really really not wealthy, I am just incredibly irresponsible with my money.

I’m just going to talk about two vegan-friendly companies I love, and no, this isn’t a paid advertisement, and no, I haven’t gotten any free shit from them (though, I mean, I would be into that–anyone listening?).

The first is Lush. Omg, Lush. The first time I went there, it was because my skin was a disaster and I was desperate and I heard good things about their face care stuff. I bought some Fresh Farmacy cleanser and Imperialis moisturizer and guess what? My skin cleared up.

So that’s where it started. And now I have Lush soaps, shampoo, conditioner, solid perfume, lip balm, massage bars…and it’s pricy, for sure. And it has some chemicals that some people are not huge fans of, I am aware. But I love the scents and how shiny my hair is and I LOVE that all the vegan things are labeled vegan, and the salespeople are informed about what’s vegan and what’s not and are super nice about it. Once they were giving away free hand cream to people who made purchases and I said I wouldn’t take it because it wasn’t vegan and they found me another product that was to give to me even though it wasn’t supposed to be part of the giveaway. Awesome!

If you’re sensitive to really strong perfumey smells, I would not recommend stepping into the store, though. I think it smells like unicorns and rainbows but for some people it probably smells like an allergy attack.

The second company is Urban Decay. I had been putting off buying vegan makeup for a long time…I had waaaay old nonvegan makeup I was still using, which is gross. But I wanted new makeup for the new year so I got myself to the Sephora at Clackamas Town Center and spent way too much money at the Urban Decay section. Like Lush, many things are vegan and labeled as such (look for the paw symbol). I wish they had vegan mascara so bad, but I’ll make do. I love the Hotpants lipstick and the Half Baked eye shadow. The eye shadows in particular are great–so much color, and they look amazing all night.

Does anyone have any recommendations for vegan personal products? I would love to support smaller and more local companies as well. I always want to buy stuff off Etsy but I hate buying things without trying them first.


3 responses to “Did you know, vegans can smell good and look pretty?

  1. Oh dear…I think you’ve broken me of my MAC addiction. I loved Urban Decay years ago, but left it behind in favor of MAC. My next make-up shopping excursion will absolutely include the Urban Decay section of Sephora or Macy’s. I had no idea they were vegan. Thank you!!!

  2. Barry M is vegan friendly

  3. anything for black heads and pimples?

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