#dittering, part two

First of all, whoever searched “vegans are lonely” and found my blog, I would like to give you a hug.

Anyway, the #dittering is over! Let’s recap.

Not pictured: the Hot Lips soda I bought and then left at the cart.

Not pictured: the Hot Lips soda I bought and then left at the cart.

On Thursday, I didn’t plan ahead where I was going to eat and had a minor freakout, then ended up back at Savor Soup House, which is good because I adore it, but bad because I already went there two days before.  I ordered Spinach and Artichoke soup, which was super tasty but I was only full for maybe an hour.  There was orzo in there, which you can’t see.  If only they had vegan sandwiches it could have been a more complete meal, but apparently they are working on it!

After work, after hitting up Sweetpea for some iced coffee, Jess and I went to opening night of Beaker and Flask for cocktails.  We got a delicious drink, called Six Lengths ahead, I believe? It was made with blueberry, bourbon, ginger ale and lime and probably other awesome stuff.  The food did not look vegan-friendly at all but I am excited about the bar.

After that, we headed to Last Thursday and ate at the Grilled Cheese Grill.  I love that place so so much.  You order your grilled cheese from an Airstream and eat it in a school bus! They have Tofutti cheese, Dave’s Killer Bread and lots of different stuff for your sandwich.  If it weren’t so far away I would probably eat there once a day.

On Friday I nannied all day but I ate some quinoa corn salad with cumin dressing from New Seasons, which totally counts. I probably wouldn’t buy something like that myself (I can make my own quinoa salad) but it was pretty good, and you know who else loved it?  The quinoa-obsessed 22-month old I take care of.  She was covered in quinoa from head to toe.  I spent several minutes picking it out of her hair.  Whenever I ask her what she wants to eat she says “Keen-uh! Keen-uh!” I wish her sister would learn from her and eat stuff other than pretzels.

That night we went to the food cart village and I had a reuben from Yarp?! and it was so good! Totally different from other reubens in town.  The “meat” was marinated portobollo mushroom.  It had tons of sauerkraut and a tangy and sweet sauce– sweeter than most thousand island dressing, I think, but awesome.  I pretty much adore eating at Yarp?! and the guys who run the place are so nice.

On Saturday, the final day of #dittering, I tabled at Hollywood Farmers Market (which got on Twitter recently) for NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, where I intern.  I don’t usually go to that market and I have no idea why because it’s close and big and adorable and there is great music.  I wasn’t sure how much vegan food would be available, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a crepe stand with vegan crepes and that Quality Vegan had a booth.

Sitting on top of some literature about healthcare reform.

The crepe was so good! Probably the best vegan crepe I have bought in Portland. The stand was called Village Crepery, apparently not to be confused with Village Creperie, which is on Twitter.  But it was at the market which is on Twitter so of course it counts. My crepe was the Harvest, with tomato, avocado, spinach, basil and scallions (sans creme fraiche).

As delicious as it is pretty.

As delicious as it is pretty.

For dessert I got a fresh strawberry tart from Quality Vegan and it pretty much blew my mind.  The crust was like shortbread, and it was filled with a vanilla custard and then delicious (local, I assume?) fresh strawberries.  I have seen the cakes from this company at Whole Foods and have never tried them, but now I’m curious.

I was pretty tired on Saturday night, so I stayed in with a friend and drank some Haymaker Ale from Bridgeport, and that concluded the week of #dittering.  I say we do it again in six months! What do you think?


3 responses to “#dittering, part two

  1. OK so all this dittering is just making me super jealous of you Portlanders. That crepe looks delicious and the strawberry tart – woah!

  2. When are we going to HOLFARMAR?

    • strawberryrock

      Can we call it the HOFARMAR? I think that’s funnier.

      I can’t this Saturday…next Saturday, though?

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