I’ve survived the first half of #dittering

It turns out, #dittering is hard work! Chasing down roaming food carts, going to strange bars, shelling out for good beer instead of PBR (ok, I do that most of the time in my non-#dittering life, but not all the time), not being able to stop at just any coffee shop for my morning fix…my life is so difficult.  And delicious.

Note the foot of Vegan Shiz.

Note the foot of Vegan Shiz.

Jess and I started our week of #dittering with lunch at Koi Fusion.  If you haven’t had Korean tacos yet, you need to check it out.  I think it’s officially one of my favorite Portland food carts.  I was so impressed by the tofu tacos.  The tofu is so flavorful and perfectly complemented by the kimchi, cucumber, avocado and cilantro.

Later that night we went to Green Dragon for some hard cider. Their beer selection is amazing! I had never been there before but it’s not far from where I live so I’ll be sure to stop by again, even though the music selection was pretty awful.  I might try to go for Beer and Blog on Friday.

After Green Dragon, I drank a pint of Deschutes Mirror Pond from Langano Lounge. No, Langano isn’t on Twitter, but Deschutes is, so it counts.

Taken with Jess camera, obvs.

Taken with Jess' camera, obvs.

On Tuesday, Jess and I went to Savor Soup House.  I got the curried red lentil soup and a Hot Lips pear soda.  I do wish they still offered vegan grilled cheese (I never tried it when they carried it) but apparently there was no demand.  They have been talking about potential vegan sandwich options on Twitter, though, so I’ll be watching closely!  This was my first time there and I was impressed.  My lentil soup was so tasty I didn’t mind eating it in the hot weather.  I do wonder if they’ll be offering cold soups later in the summer, though. I would so order some gazpacho.

After work, we headed to Candy Lounge.  We had never been, but they have great Twitter specials.  They also have computers that we twittered from directly.  Because of the Twitter special, we got well drinks for $3, so that’s a pretty decent deal, but I could barely drink mine because it was so strong.  I don’t normally think strong drinks are a bad thing but a cup that is 3/4 bad whiskey and 1/4 ginger ale isn’t that appetizing.  We didn’t bother with food there (anyone know if the veggie burger is vegan?) and headed over to Tube for grilled ham and cheezes and cheaper, more palatable drinks.

After Tube, we went to Hot Lips Pizza and split a vegan foccacia.  Ok, Jess had a few bites of crust and a soda, and I ate the rest, but I honestly wasn’t that into it because it was covered in asparagus, the only vegetable I truly hate.  I like Hot Lips normally, though I don’t understand why they refuse to have vegan pizza with sauce available by the slice.

After Hot Lips, in case we hadn’t eaten enough, we went to Whiffies and split a chocolate cream pie.  The rumors are true– it’s delicious. Probably the best pie yet (though I still haven’t tried the coconut, and I usually prefer coconut to chocolate).  I love hanging out at the cart village at 12th & Hawthorne, though I always end up wishing it were possible to eat both a pie and fries.  Maybe it is for some people, but I am pretty sure I would vomit.

On Wednesday I went to the downtown Farmers Market. Jess and I met our friend Millie (who is on Twitter and will be selling cookies at Last Thursday tonight– totally counts as #dittering).  Jess got lunch from Tastebud, but I just bought some chard and green beans to cook later.  How great is it that there are so many Farmers Markets in Portland?

For dinner, we went to Yarp?! at the food cart village.  I got the fettuccine primavera with seitan. It was delicious, though I kind of wish I had gotten the Chinese spring salad instead, because I feel like the pasta was more like something I would make at home- just fettuccine, garlic, oil and (fresh, local and awesome) vegetables.  I really wish they had a shaker of nutritional yeast at Yarp?! The vegans would love it.

And that concludes the first three days of #dittering! Stay tuned for the second half.


3 responses to “I’ve survived the first half of #dittering

  1. Hmmm… The Hot Lips didn’t have the vegan focaccia by the slice? Is this new? We hit up the Hawthorne one before going to the dharma center on Thursdays and usually just get a couple of slices. We go to the Pearl & Concordia ones too occasionally. Something new?

  2. strawberryrock

    They have the focaccia by the slice, I just wish they had pizza (with sauce!) by the slice as well.

  3. yeah, the owner never has tomato sauce as an option for what you can do on the vegan. there’s a picture book of every pizza (what it should look like) and then ingredients and though there’s no definite “vegan pie of the day” they give you about 3 suggestions. no one every really follows it and it’s kinda chef’s choice, but no one does the tomato sauce base. it’s so stupid. email them, maeve! voice your complaint so maybe they’ll change.

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