The Farmer’s Market is back!

I am so, so, happy, because you know I love vegetables, and chocolate hazelnut butter, and music, and coffee, and people who sell me muffins and make me swoon.

Yesterday I was incredibly hungover. Incredibly. I almost died.  But early in the morning, before I even realized I was hungover I went to the Far Mar (copyright Jess Sconed 2009) and bought a leek and pears and turnips! I know, I am surprised about the turnips too, but there was a booth with samples of raw turnips and whoa, they were good.  I also got some coffee from Cafe Velo and a marionberry muffin from Black Sheep and got home and suddenly realized that I was dying and spent the next six hours in bed trying not to vomit.

When I finally felt better, I made Swiss Chard with Raisins and Capers from Terry’s upcoming book.  I actually bought the chard at the market last week (yes, I let it get wilty in my fridge for a week, shame shame).  It was still good, though!  I am loving the flavor combination of capers and raisins and will be making this all the time.

I dont even like chard that much!

I don't even like chard that much!

Did I mention that I went to New York and Montreal recently? And that I went to San Francisco not that long ago? There might have to be a big travel entry.


One response to “The Farmer’s Market is back!

  1. i’m not so sure about capers and raisins in my chard…hm…

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