More sushi, more details

The whole table

The whole table

We’ve got spicy tempeh rolls (from Vcon, made my Jeff), rolls with various combinations of veggies (bell pepper, scallion, carrot, avocado, cucumber, enoki mushroom) and tofu (fried lemongrass chili flavor, fried onion flavor and baked in soy sauce), inari, edamame, magical rice cylinders with surprises inside, and those same cylinders wrapped in pastel-colored tapioca sheets because I didn’t know what to do with those weird tapioca sheets I’ve had for ages.  Their texture was really weird, though.  Check out my new chopsticks– I got 20 pairs for $3 at Fubonn.

I think between 12 and 15 people showed, and there was more than enough sushi to go around.  I have lots of leftovers in my fridge and I have to make sure to eat them before I leave for San Francisco in a few days!

Evan from bjorkedoff brought some amazing cookies, all tester recipes from Isa and Terry’s upcoming cookie book.  My favorites were the tahini lime ones.  I am definitely looking forward to the book coming out.

Right now I am eating leftover stir fry I brought home from my parents’ house on Friday (I needed a break from sushi and cookies).  Apparently my dad likes to marinate tofu (in soy sauce + whatever), roll it in brown rice flour and seasonings (usually Chinese five spice) and bake it on a greased cookie sheet.  Delicious and so much healthier than my method of frying it in a shitload of oil.  I can’t believe my parents are making tofu innovations without me.  They made it with a ton of garlic and ginger because I am very slowly recovering from bad sinusitis.  Yes, when I get sick I have parties and make massive amounts of sushi.  Smart, I know.


3 responses to “More sushi, more details

  1. you did so good!
    i loved the inari so so much!

  2. As you know, this post made me laugh out loud!

  3. That’s a lot of rolling! Needs more deep fry! I am full of envy.

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