VegNews Mac ‘n’ Cheese

There are a million bajillion vegan mac and cheese recipes out there, and most of them are more or less like, fat+nutritional yeast+some other seasonings+noodles. A while back the magazine VegNews published a recipe for mac and cheese that contained no nutritional yeast. My friend Karla at VeganShizzle made some mac and cheese based on that recipe for a potluck a while ago and I thought it was amazing. Today I realized I had most of the ingredients to make it myself so I decided to make some lunch.

What I did not have was raw cashews, so I used raw sunflower seeds instead. This definitely affected the flavor but not in a bad way, I thought. Cashews have more fat and probably would have made the sauce creamier. Of course, I used less than 1/4 cup sunflower seeds since they are smaller and pack in tighter. I also didn’t have shallots so I just used more onion. I never use black pepper for anything so I upped the cayenne a little bit– a little more than I intended too, actually, but a little spice never hurt anything. Right before I stuck it in the oven I stirred in some sauteed spinach because I’ve got to get my veggies somehow.

Here’s the obligatory bad picture.



I think that next time I might reduce the lemon juice a little (it tasted kind of sour to me), and add some thyme and nutmeg because I associate those seasonings with true mac and cheese.  I’ll also spring for the cashews to see how it’s really supposed to be. This was delicious, though not “cheesy” exactly. The mac and cheese recipe I posted a few months ago is still my favorite but this both healthier and cheaper to make. I can’t be making Teese a regular part of my shopping list.


2 responses to “VegNews Mac ‘n’ Cheese

  1. I am still intrigued by this dish.

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