Marshmallows, Tuno Casserole courtesy of VeganShizzle, and TJ’s Mediterranean Hummus. All together. In a sandwich.

Kidding!  But they are all on my kitchen table.

I am having an awesome lazy Saturday.  I woke up this morning, took a shower, drank some coffee, ate leftovers from Vegetarian House (General Tso’s veggie chicken), and sat around for a while.  Then I decided to finally use the Angel Food Marshmallow Kit I bought  from Food Fight ages ago. I used brown rice syrup as my syrup (because I have 4 bajillion bottles of it from when it was 50 cents a jar at Sunshine Liquidators, RIP) and corn starch as my starch.  It was surprisingly easy, though I am kind of sticky now.  My marshmallow slab is still cooling so I’ll let you know about the end result, but when I licked the spatula it was tasty.  You do need some equipment that not everybody has, like a mixer and a candy thermometer, but fortunately I’ve got that stuff (well, my roommate does).

Tuno casserole and marshmallow slab

Tuno casserole and marshmallow slab

Next up, Tuno casserole made by my good friend VeganShizzle.  Tuno isn’t made anymore, which is why she had a stockpile of it in her freezer.  The Shiz hand delivered this to my door because she is the best.  I was apprehensive about trying it because I’ve heard horrible things about Tuno, but I did used to like tuna.  So, I heated it up in the oven, took a bite and…no, I don’t like Tuno.  Sorry Karla!  I put it back in the fridge because maybe my roommate will like it.

So what did I eat instead?  Carrots and hummus!

This hummus has crack in it, Im pretty sure.

This hummus has crack in it, I'm pretty sure.

I’m kind of embarassed to admit how much I love this stuff, because I feel like I should instead be touting my own awesome hummus recipe, or at least promoting a local brand.  And I do make my own hummus sometimes!  And I do buy local brands of it sometimes!  But I honestly like this stuff the best and I have no idea why.  I mean, I know that I like how awesomely creamy it is, but there is something else going on, and that something might be crack.  I look at the ingredients and try to figure it out but there’s nothing that unusual.  I don’t live that close to a Trader Joe’s (by that I mean, there isn’t one within a half mile) so I don’t go there that often anymore unless I’m hanging out with my mom and she takes me, which is what happened yesterday.  I also got Cashew Macadamia Butter!

Ok, I’m going to go see how that marshmallow slab is doing!  You know you love me, XOXO!


2 responses to “Marshmallows, Tuno Casserole courtesy of VeganShizzle, and TJ’s Mediterranean Hummus. All together. In a sandwich.

  1. oh, you didn’t like it?! that’s so sad…
    did you put hot sauce on it? that may be key. although if you don’t like something kinda fishy-tasting than that could be why.
    oh, well…

  2. I coined ‘The Shiz’ – I have some influence left in this town! (with nicknames, that is)

    I’ll still be sad that you made the marshmallows without me until A) you give me one or B) you help me make mine.

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