Two Part Twos

I. Mac and Teese Update!

Last night I invited two friends over to help me eat the pan of deliciousness!  My roomie joined us as well.  By the end of the night it was all gone and everybody seemed pretty enthusiastic about it.  Everybody was kind of drunk, though, so, you know.  You should make it, though!

II. Pho PDX update!

I went again and ordered the Vietnamese Jade Noodles.  They were good, but no TOFU SALAD BUN. Here is the shittiest picture ever of the jade noodles, for your enjoyment.

I thought the onion-to-noodle ratio was too high.


4 responses to “Two Part Twos

  1. you didn’t save some for me, maeve????

    and here i give you Pad Thai Woon Sen…

    oh, wait, you give me alcohol every time i come to your house. and feed me most times as well.

  2. Buy me a log of Teese and I’ll make you some! That shit is expensive.

  3. ok so I didn’t realized that I hadn’t commented on this yet until tonight, but that mac was fucking delicious, and I’m going to make some very soon.

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