Apparently we are doing favorites lists

My favorites are cookies, alcohol and tofu salad bun.

Ok, maybe there are a few more, in no particular order.

I’ll start with farmer’s markets, even though I know Jess totes has that on her list.  I started going to the Portland Farmer’s Market with my mom when I was six years old, long before it was downtown.  And yeah, sometimes I still go with my mom.  So what?  We used to volunteer at the information booth, then we got lazy and just shopped.

And speaking of my mom, and stealing my list right off Get Sconed!, yeah, my family.  You know what is awesome about my family?  My mom and dad are great cooks, and make me amazing vegan food.  A few weeks ago they had a housewarming party, and they filled a table with a million different kinds of snacks (ok, you know I just don’t want to look up how to spell…that word) and they were all vegan except for one thing!  Just because I was going to be there.  And everything was delicious, and I took the leftovers home in tupperware and didn’t have to grocery shop for the rest of the week.  I always hear about Thanksgiving drama and stuff like that from other vegans, and I don’t have that.  They are the best.

Im the little one.  I still have that stuffed pig.

I'm the little one. I still have that stuffed pig.

Next up…Portland restaurants!  There is so much good food here.  My favorite restaurant in Portland is Ya Hala.  I am also a really big fan of Queen of Sheba, and on the greasier side of things, when am I not craving a vegan platter from Dot’s?

The Stockholm from Bye and Bye.  My favorite drink, ever.

From Pick Me Up Cafe in Chicago

From Pick Me Up Cafe in Chicago

Going out to breakfast.  And drinking multiple mimosas.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so shouldn’t you do it up in style?  I love meeting friends for breakfast, or making breakfast to share with friends.  There are lots of vegan breakfast options in Portland, which is awesome, even though 75% of those options are tofu scramble, which I am not a fan of unless I make it myself.  Even when the person making it is an amazing cook…I just like mine.  I tend to go for a breakfast burrito, french toast or pancakes.  And mimosas.

One more before I go to sleep…

Winter squash!  Pretty sure my favorite kind of carnival.  I’ve been tasting a few different ones, but I always ate carnival squash as a kid, and it’s still the best.


2 responses to “Apparently we are doing favorites lists

  1. Dear Maeve,

    When are we drinking mimosas?

    Remember when I got one for free at Chaos and the guy almost cried? That was fun!


  2. Making waiters cry is the best.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    You should come over for mac and cheese after work.

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