Tofu Salad Bun!

This will be short, because I know, you can’t think about anything but Obama right now.  OMG, Obama!  This isn’t a political blog or anything but I’m going to go ahead and assume that if you read vegan food blogs and you’re not an anarchist you voted for Obama.  So anyway, I know your brain is going OBAMA OBAMA OMG.  My brain is also like that, except that ALSO, I cannot stop thinking about tofu salad bun!  TOFU SALAD BUN TOFU SALAD BUN TOFU SALAD BUN!  From Pho PDX!  Obviously!

No, I don’t have pictures, I ate it at a bus stop, and it was raining, and I was so hungry!  There are pictures at Stumptown Vegans, though.  Also an actually thorough review.  But Jess got it without cilantro and it couldn’t have been nearly as awesome.  I can’t stop thinking about it!  I want it in my mouth right now!  If Pho PDX were open right now I would change out of my pajamas and get on the bus!

Other good things I have eaten recently:

Spaghetti at Bye and Bye (Sometimes you just really need spaghetti, you know?)

Vegan burger at Tin Shed (I think it was just a black bean gardenburger but for some reason I just thought it was really good?  I was reaalllly hungry though.)

Sticky bun at Sweetpea Bakery (new!)

What I have not eaten yet:

Anything from the new Los Gorditos cart!  Soon it will happen!


6 responses to “Tofu Salad Bun!

  1. Obama Obama OMG!

    tofu salad bun looks tasty, I need to get me one of those soon.

  2. We must go to Gorditos Too! That’s right, screw the 2, make it Too.


    Pho PDX is so close to my office!!!!!

  3. I like the sounds of this “sticky bun” you speak of. Also, go to fricking Gorditos 2 already! Do it for me!

  4. OBAMA!

  5. P.S. Maeve – The Roasted Gluten Bun at Nhut Quang. Do it!

  6. Tried going to this place three seperate times only to be told they were ‘out’ of their vegan options. Slow service when I’ve actually gotten the food I ordered. A waste of time.

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