Grilled Teese Sammie

The finished product.

The finished product.

I am a big fan of Chicago Soy Dairy.  I think Temptation is some of the best vegan ice cream out there.  When I went to college in Wisconsin I would buy it all the time, and we even got the guys behind the company to come to our school and give us a talk and free ice cream!  Not that long ago they came out with Mozzerella Teese, which I think is pretty good for fake cheese, but I’m honestly not a huge fake cheese fan.  I like it for pizza but I can’t think of that many other applications for fake mozzerella.  Plus, it’s expensive, and I am broke and when I have a little extra money for foods other than beans and grains and cheap tofu, I prefer to use it for produce, or, uh, alcohol.  But yesterday I saw cheddar Teese at Food Fight and I was intrigued.  And I already had $25 worth of candy* in my basket so what was one log of Teese?

I brought it home and then was like…what the hell do I do with this?  My roommate suggested grilled cheese and so that’s what I did today.  I was a little concerned when I opened the package, because honestly it smells a little funky, kind of like cheddar Follow Your Heart, which I think is super gross unless it’s in a grilled cheese at Bye and Bye, which is only because Bye and Bye is magic and maybe I just don’t notice that it tastes bad because I’m looking at such cute boys?  Anyway I think Bye and Bye uses Tofutti now, which isn’t that great.  ANYWAY.

I spent $1.85 on one small organic local heirloom (not grown outdoors, presumably) tomato for my sandwich because I was afraid the teese would be gross and I would need something in the sandwich to make it still tasty.  I used whole wheat sourdough because it was the cheapest bread at Whole Foods.  I love Dave’s Killer Bread the best but can you believe it is $5.99 a loaf?  I’m not sure if the price has gone up or if I was just temporarily insane the last time I bought it.  The bread I bought was $3.19 and still good.

This is how I constructed the sandwich.

This is how I constructed the sandwich.

I slathered that bread with Earth Balance and went to frying.  I covered the pan because I thought that might help the Teese melt.  It not melting was my greatest fear because I have never gotten any other fake cheese to melt in a grilled cheese, and I was not eating it unmelted because I thought that would be super gross.  While it was cooking, I was freaking out.  I kept on checking and it wasn’t melty yet!

Oh thank god!!!

Oh thank god!!!

But then finally little bit began to get melty and I stopped hyperventilating.  And then the whole thing was melty!  And I ate it!

The problem with Teese is that it goes from solid to entirely molten, so it’s messier than a dairy grilled cheese sandwich, where the cheese acts as glue.  There is no gluing action here.  However, it was tasty.  It definitely didn’t taste like the kind of cheddar I used to like, which was usually really sharp (but that’s why there is Cheezly and Scheese), but it was kind of like American or Kraft mild cheddar or something along those lines.  If I remember what those taste like.  I’m not sure if I would buy it again– definitely not on a regular basis, but maybe for special occasions?  Grilled cheese sandwiches make me think about having days off from school and my dad being at home with my brother and I and getting out the griddle to make us a special lunch, so they have a special place in my heart.

Now I have most of a log of the stuff left– maybe mac and cheese is next.


Hope you had a good, sugary halloween.

Hope you had a good, sugary halloween.


4 responses to “Grilled Teese Sammie

  1. That grilled cheese looks yummy. I wish the cheddar Teese was available last week when I did my going-back-to-Edmonton stock up at Food Fight.

  2. i give you permission to make me one of those grilled teese sandwiches when i come to your house for GG Monday….

  3. Me too! But really I want mac and cheeze. Make that! Tonight! Wait, Wed.

  4. vegtasticvoyage

    I just tried it and couldn’t get over the smell.

    What I use for grilled cheese is Road’s End cheddar ChReese, with extra nutritional yeast mixed in–it’s not too runny and doesn’t smell like…I don’t know what that smell was but it wasn’t food.

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