Farmer’s Market Crushes

Perhaps you’ve read the zine Coffee Shop Crushes?  Even if you haven’t, you can probably relate to the premise.  Who hasn’t had a crush on a barista?  I’ve had at least 800.  I love coffee so much that I am automatically attracted to anyone who provides me with it, basically.  Plus a lot of coffee shops only hire really cute people, especially in Portland. That may be discrimination but it also makes my coffee experience more enjoyable.

Anyway, there’s a zine about that already, so let’s talk about something different.

I love the farmer’s market.  I love fresh seasonal produce, and walking around outside comparing prices of apples, and tasting different kinds of local hard cider, and eating delicious vegan muffins and learning about different varieties of eggplant.  I think I love it in the fall even more than in summer, actually.  I love squash and I love holding onto a cup of coffee just to keep your hands warm.  And I also love all those rugged people in fleeces who weigh your vegetables and give you those sincere smiles when you provide exact change and compliment your canvas bag.  I realize that the people selling me things might not be the same people working in the fields but I like to imagine that anyway.  When I buy onions from a handsome man in a flannel shirt I like to think he dug up those onions just for me.

But there is one person at the farmer’s market who I am especially infatuated with, and that is the girl who works at the Black Sheep Bakery booth.  She probably thinks I am 12 because sometimes my mom picks me up and takes me to market with her and then buys me a pastry.  But I like to think we have a special connection.  I mean, she always smiles at me…like people who work in the service industry do…but…whatever, she’s totally in love with me.

You know who else has a farmer’s market crush?  Jess of Let’s Get Sconed! She looooooves Todd of Toddbot’s Triangles, of the Eastbank and People’s markets.  I have never met him myself but I plan on scoping him out this Thursday.  Also I could use some onigiri.

Only 11 more posts to go before I’ve won VeganMoFo!  So close.


4 responses to “Farmer’s Market Crushes

  1. I had a bartender crush, that’s kind of the same thing, right?

  2. ha ha ha!

    The power of the rice ball.

  3. I have a crush on my espresso machine. Because there are not many coffee shops around here.

  4. I admit that my relationship with my coffee maker is also sometimes a little more than platonic.

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