Sick soup take 2

You know how I said summer was officially over?  Well, I’ve been having second thoughts.  It’s seventy degrees outside!  But today I woke up with a cold.  And a hangover.  That part isn’t that relevant, though.  Even if it doesn’t look like winter outside, it feels like winter in my nose.  I went out and bought a new neti pot today, since my old one met an untimely death.  I also got some zinc and elderberry lozenges that are pretty gross (mmm, metal).  And then I got home and realized that I was HUNGRY, and I needed soup, obviously, but I didn’t really have any ingredients that screamed “make me into soup!”, you know?  But then I stirred some things together and this appeared!

Mmm, steamy!

Mmm, steamy!

It’s kale and seitan noodle soup!  No, I don’t have a real recipe for you, what kind of food blogger do you think I am?  You should know I do everything half-assed by now.  Ok, here’s a sort-of recipe.

Saute half an onion and three cloves of garlic in olive oil, add five cups of water and some chicken-flavored bouillon you got from an Asian market (or any sort of bouillon, or just use vegetable broth), throw in some soy sauce, chop up half a bunch of kale pretty small, add it to the soup, add some basil, thyme, oregano, dill and red pepper flakes, plus a spoonful of nutritional yeast, break up some spaghetti (I used brown rice spaghetti) into little pieces, add that, and when the noodles are cooked, add a handful of seitan chunks.  When the seitan is hot, eat in bed.  Follow with gross zinc lozenge for dessert.  Then call your mom so you can complain to her about how crappy you feel.

I should have put more garlic in it.  When I was a kid, whenever I got sick my dad would make me soup with a whole head of garlic in it because garlic is magic.  It’s not like you should be making out with anybody when you have a cold anyway.


3 responses to “Sick soup take 2

  1. We’re on the same cold killing regimen! I bought a neti pot & the same zinc lozenges. Sounds like I need some soup now.

  2. yes, put in lots and lots of garlic!
    feel better, maevis!!

  3. hope you feel better.

    I’ve been drinking kombucha to avoid getting sick. only because emergen-c wasn’t getting rid of the early warning signs, but 2 days of kombucha guzzling did. I think I’d rather have a nasty zinc lozenge than kombucha 🙂

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