I have something to share with you.

I’ve been afraid to say it for a long time, but I think I’m ready now.  And I feel safer coming out with it, now that the cupcake madness is dying down.

It’s not that I don’t like cake.  Cake is fine.  Sometimes it’s really good!  I like cake.  But I don’t LOVE cake.  It’s fun to make and to decorate, and cupcakes are really fun, and I have been known to make four different varieties for one party, but really, my heart belongs to pie.  I looooove pie.  And tart, and galette, and crisp and cobbler and strudel, and things of that nature.

Last night my parents had a housewarming party and they asked me to make a dessert for it.  They were serving heavy hors d’oeuvres and I wanted to make some sort of adorable mini sweet.  I thought about cupcakes, but omg they’re so last year, and it’s fall which we all know is time for apple pie.  I ended up making mini apple pies in a muffin tin and they were SO good, and adorable to boot.

Ignore how my camera sucks, please.

Ignore how my camera sucks, please.

I usually suck at pie crusts, so I was so happy when this one turned out well!  Two different graduates of baking programs complimented me on it.  I hate to admit that the recipe came from veganyumyum.com, but it did, so there you have it.  I followed her directions for making mini-pies, kind of, and winged the filling.  You know, apples, sugar, cinnamon, cooked it on the stove for a bit because it was only going in the oven for a half hour, tasted it, needed more cinnamon, tasted it again, ate three more spoonfuls, reminded myself I needed to save some for the pies…

Speaking of apples, I went back to the apple fest today!  I brought some kids with me and left with a bag full of Criterions and Asian pears.  Not quite as good as last week’s Spitzenbergs, unfortunately, but still delicious.


5 responses to “I have something to share with you.

  1. I’m more of a pie gal too!
    That looks perfect!

  2. Ok, that’s it, I’m making mini-pies! I’ve been thinking about making some with the apples I just got…and I have to admit I was inspired by veganyumyum’s mini-pies too 😛

  3. Maeve, you are hilarious and adorable. Why didn’t you tell me all about your mini pies last night??

  4. i was getting some coffee and my local coffee/donuts shop when a crazy man came in from off the street. He started screaming that donuts are out, and if this place was smart they would move on to pies, because pies are the next big thing….
    this happened 2 years ago, but i totally agree with crazy guy.

    pies are the best.

  5. He wasn’t crazy, he was just psychic! Obvs!

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