I guess summer is finally over

For real this time.  My calendar said something about solstice last month, and it has been chillier, and the leaves are turning, but today it is official.  I drank my last milkshake of the season at Sip.

Yes, that is an adorable dollop of peanut butter on top.

It was plain peanut butter (no chocolate), and it was delicious.  Sip is re-opening on Friday, and they’re going to have soups and hot chocolates in various flavors.  There will at least be soups on Friday, anyway– it might take them longer to get the hot chocolate going.  If you haven’t been, it’s outside People’s Food Coop at 3029 SE 21st.

I also know it’s fall because when I go to the farmer’s market it all looks like this.

Whoa, that lady is super speedy.

Whoa, that lady is super speedy, like Daphne from Heroes.

I am trying to decide on my favorite winter squash.  Recently I have eaten delicata and blue kuri.  There is going to be a squash tasting at my neighborhood Whole Foods next weekend so maybe I will decide once and for all.


3 responses to “I guess summer is finally over

  1. My brother is so famous.

    And I can’t believe you’re going to that squash tasting. I notice you haven’t invited me, are you trying to one up me in flirtation with you know who?

  2. So many Squashes (or should that be Sqashi?).

  3. *sigh* I never got a milkshake from Sip, it opened a week after I visited. Next year!

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