Happy Apple Fest Everybody!

The customary giant apple in the sky

The customary giant apple in the sky

Oh my god guys, it’s my favorite holiday! Apple Day!  Well, Apple Weekend!  Or, um, first Apple Weekend of two!  What, you don’t celebrate it where you live?  Weirdos.  I have been to Apple Fest at Portland Nursery almost every year since I moved here when I was six years old (1993 if you’re keeping track).

So what is Apple Fest, you ask?  Oh, it is so many things.  There’s music, and free popcorn (vegan!) and apple-related foods (not vegan) and cooking demos and pumpkin painting and cider pressing and massive amounts of apples for 89 cents a pound.  The best part, however, is the apple tasting.

The lines are looooong.

The lines are looooong.

There are so many apples!  You get a scoresheet so you can take notes and decide what to buy but I just took pictures of my favorites.  Sadly, when I got to the apple buying part, most of my favorites were sold out.  I cried for a half hour or so but then I bucked up and bought 3 pounds of Spitzenbergs for $2 and some change.  I am still sad that they were out of Ambrosia and Elstar, but maybe they will have them next weekend.

My favorite

My favorite

The popcorn and cider were also delicious!  And we painted pumpkins.  I painted mine to look like a sparkly apple, since we were celebrating apples and all.  And there was klezmer music!  And scarecrows made by kids.



If you missed it today, you can still go tomorrow, or next weekend!  It’s 10 am to 5 pm, 5050 SE Stark.

After Apple Fest I went to Hungry Tiger too and ate a vegan BLT + avocado and sweet potato fries.




4 responses to “Happy Apple Fest Everybody!

  1. maeve-es! that BLT is the shiznit, am i right? i had that last time i was there and was very happy with it. i had heard it was good and was, like, psh! how good could it be?
    damn good is how good.
    sorry missed out on the apple fun with y’all today!

  2. what?no,the best is jonagold.
    then fuji.
    then honeycrisp.

  3. I *heart* sweet potato fries. *swoon*

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