Pictures of people eating

Let’s talk about Los Gorditos.

If you live in Portland, you’ve been there.  Right?  RIGHT???  Vegans deserve to eat from taco trucks too, you know.  And to eat awesome refried beans.  You don’t need lard to make refried beans great, you just need love!  Or whatever it is they put in them at Los Gorditos.

These are my soyrizo enchiladas with Follow Your Heart vegan cheese.  The cheese wasn’t melted, and there was in fact no attempt at melting, which definitely means I will save my 50 cents and go without next time, but otherwise they were delicious.  The beans and rice are perhaps my favorite part, though.  You can just get a plate of beans and rice and avocado and it is so good. Los Gorditos is such a great deal, too– tons of food, and my enchiladas were only $5.50, plus the wasted 50 cents for FYH cheese.  One time I went there with Jess of Let’s Get Sconed! and they gave her twice as much beans and rice as she asked for!  I think it’s because the guy working there has a crush on her, though.

Speaking of Jess, she blogs about food, but can she eat it?

Look at those leftovers!  Shame, shame.

Ok, more pictures of people eating, since I promised.


4 responses to “Pictures of people eating

  1. Wow, that looks like the real deal…but vegan! You Portlanders have it so good.

    And, Jess, there is no shame in leftovers!

  2. very funny! also, I can easily see this as a variation of a post on that other blog someone has mentioned….

  3. Those pictures have just made me sooo hungry. I want Mexican Food now and it’s 8 in the morning!!

  4. i need to get my arse to LosGorditos soon! i haven’t been there in awhile.
    keep up the MoFo, maevers!

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