Delicata biscuits, Paradox, Veganomicon, and losing VeganMoFo

This morning I saw some leftover delicata squash in the fridge. After eating some cold with a spoon (mmm) I decided to make biscuits out of the rest. I googled “winter squash biscuits” and found this recipe, which was pretty easy to veganize.  I used soy milk instead of milk and half Earth Balance and half Spectrum Shortening instead of butter.  I also used 2 cups of flour because 1 3/4 didn’t seem like quite enough.  Then I made them ginormous drop biscuits and cooked them on a baking sheet for 20 minutes.  I don’t believe in putting butter (or Earth Balance) on biscuits since they are already so fatty it’s not necessary at all.  These were great plain and warm out of the oven.  I did take pictures but I can’t find my memory card reader so you’ll just have to wait.

Speaking of biscuits, last night I ordered biscuits and gravy from Paradox.  It was my first non-benedict purchase from Paradox and I was pretty excited about it but when the food got to the tables I was pretty disappointed.  I had heard such good things about their biscuits and gravy so it might have just been a fluke.  First of all, the food was lukewarm, which I know probably has more to do with how long it was sitting around before it was brought to me.  Lukewarm gravy is just not that great.  The biscuits themselves were also pretty disappointing.  I have heard that they were really bready, not flaky, so I was expecting that, but they just weren’t that good.  Maybe if I ordered them in the morning they would be more freshly made and tastier.  I probably won’t bother, though, because there are a lot of other things on the menu that I want to try.

In other news, I got Veganomicon a few days ago, and it is amazing.  So far I’ve only made the chickpea noodle soup and the cornbread.  The chickpea noodle soup was so good and perfect for sick people like me.  I added beet greens  which just upped the level of awesome.  The cornbread was good too but I grew up with one specific cornbread recipe so all other cornbreads taste funny to me.  I have purchased ingredients for chickpea cutlets and potato kale enchiladas, but my social calendar has been so full of PPK events that I haven’t had much time to cook.

I guess I’ve already lost VeganMoFo, so my goal is now “update food blog regularly.”  If I keep my standards low I can’t really fail.

Coming soon: It’s a Beautiful Pizza Review, Ode to Farmer’s Markets,  other stuff!


One response to “Delicata biscuits, Paradox, Veganomicon, and losing VeganMoFo

  1. glad you liked my recipe. You probably needed more flour because the ingredients that you swapped out were wetter.

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