American Airlines Special Vegetarian Meals: A Review

I wasn’t really expecting that much from American Airlines. We all know that airplane food isn’t good, right? But honestly, I will eat a lot of things happily. I appreciate really awesome food but I won’t turn my nose up at something mediocre. My meal on Delta Airlines in June wasn’t anything spectacular but it was edible. My two meals on American Airlines? Not so much. I was too cranky to bother with pictures but now I wish I had.

Lunch was potatoes and eggplant with a goopy white sauce. The meal was supposed to be dairy-free but I was still suspicious of the sauce. It also just looked really gross so I sort of scraped it aside. Fortunately it was viscous enough that it wasn’t that difficult. The potatoes were just potatoes, and they were fine, but the eggplant was slimy and something about the seasoning was just really off and gross. The meal also came with a small salad that actually contained various types of greens as well as jicama, which was surprising. There was a cute little bottle of balsamic vinaigrette to go with it. I also got stale white pita bread and this apple dessert thing. Actually, that wasn’t bad, and I was kind of impressed that I got a vegan dessert since that’s not something that most restaurants will even provide. It tasted very health-foody but was still relatively tasty. There was a crust at the bottom, I think made out of whole wheat flour and nuts, maybe, and then apple stuff, and then more crust at the top, and some sesame seeds. The sesame seeds seemed like an odd choice but I am a huge fan of them and it worked ok.

Dinner was my least favorite part of lunch, the gross eggplant, recycled and put on top of really oily salty rice, along with grapes and cookies. I got halfway through the rice stuff and gave up. Fortunately I really like grapes. I got green grapes while everyone else got purple ones, because everyone knows that purple grapes are made of meat. The cookies contained six different grains and were made with unrefined brown sugar. They tasted pretty much how you would expect them to but weren’t bad.

American Airlines gets 2 out of 5 stars. If I were just judging the entrees it would be 0 out of 5 stars but cookies make me happy (and the website made it seem like only people in first class got cookies so I was pleasantly surprised) and come on, there was jicama.

Yes, I am behind on veganmofo. I am also sick, exhausted and using dial-up so I think I’m doing pretty well considering.


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