Sick and poor soup/Swamp soup

So, I am sick. It came on suddenly last night. I was fine, though tired because I have barely been sleeping, and then it hurt to swallow, and then I had the chills and I bundled up and turned the heat all the way up and was still shivering, and my nose was stuffy and I couldn’t breathe. I imagine that my immune system doesn’t really appreciate what I’ve been eating for the past two weeks or so– mostly bread. And jam. And sometimes rice or an apple. Today I have the house to myself until the afternoon, which means I get to use the kitchen. I wanted soup. Ridiculously healthy soup to somehow make up for my horrible diet of late. And also ridiculously cheap soup because I’m pretty fucking poor right now. It turned out pretty awesome, though it looks kind of like a swamp.

So here is the recipe, if you want to call it that. This is not the most exciting thing I’ve ever made but it is warm and tasty and good for you.

I started by sauteeing three shallots (already in the house– would have used onions otherwise since they are a lot cheaper), coarsely chopped, in olive oil and then adding five cloves of garlic (also already in the house), also coarsely chopped. When those were nice and brown I added about a liter of water and two vegetable boullion cubes (99 cents for the package). When the cubes dissolved I added about half a cup of chunky tomato sauce (package was 99 cents, had to buy it for the kid’s lunch today so it wasn’t actually my money), though I would probably just use a half a can of crushed tomatoes if I made it again. Then I threw in two carrots (20 cents) chopped into coins, and some spices– cumin, coriander, dried red chiles, a little bit of cinnamon and a few shakes of curry powder (also already in the house). Let that cook for a while, then added a can of kidney beans (29 cents) and a block of frozen baby spinach (49 cents). Cooked it until the spinach was thawed (I could have cooked the spinach first and then put it in but I hate making extra dirty dishes). Then I ate it.

Yes, groceries in Germany are really cheap, so it would probably cost more in a lot of places, but it would still be pretty damn cheap, I think.

By the way, in case there was any doubt, the frozen spinach was definitely vegan! It said so right on the package.

Ok, you probably can’t read that.  I should have zoomed in more.


2 responses to “Sick and poor soup/Swamp soup

  1. Swamp soup, aka “clean out the fridge/freezer” soup is a favorite here too. Very ugly (especially when you blend it), always different but (almost) always tasty and comforting. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I miss buying groceries in Europe. Anyhow, I make soups like that all the time. Long live ugly soup!

    And, of course, feel better soon!

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