I’m sorry, I can’t even think about food today.

I am starving. I have less than one euro and the family that I live with has not gone shopping in ages. There is seriously nothing that I can eat here except toast. Ok, I guess I can write about toast…

My mom makes bread all the time. Big whole wheat sourdough loaves, usually. When I was little I would beg for store-bought bread because it was such a treat, all squishy and fluffy and square, just like normal kids ate (except maybe normal kids really ate white bread and we certainly never had any of that in our house). Of course, now I realize that I was an idiot. When I make my own bread it’s generally in a loaf pan, because no matter what my mother says it is difficult to construct a proper sandwich with many of the breads she makes. But it does work well for toast. My mother’s bread, toasted, with Earth Balance and orange marmalade is a pretty perfect breakfast. It’s one of the reasons why I’m really excited to be going home.


4 responses to “I’m sorry, I can’t even think about food today.

  1. Toast is definitely post worthy. I could live off toast, probably.

  2. I am adding you now! i figured out the blog roll dealy!

  3. Toast is one of my favorite things in the world. Toast with marg. + Marmite, if I want to be specific. Lovely post.

  4. please come home to portland so I can feed you!

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