Coming soon on this blog…

Right now what I can write about is kind of limited, since I don’t exactly have a kitchen that I can use most of the time, and I have absolutely no money.  So sorry if this blog gets kind of boring.  I’m running out of ideas already.  However, when I get back to Portland (which is soon!) I have so many things that I’m going to write about.  Here’s a quick preview.

  • Original recipes and family recipes.  I have the most kickass recipe for biscuits, ever.  I haven’t really decided whether I should put it on the internet or not.  It’s a bit of a moral dilemma.  Share the biscuity goodness or protect the family secret?  There will probably also be a chili tutorial.
  • Cookzine reviews!  I’ve already placed holds on all the vegan cookzines in the library and I’m going to review them all.  Plus when I actually have money I can buy some as well.
  • PDX restaurant reviews.  Oh my god I am so excited about having vegan restaurants in the area again.  I have a deep love of food from carts, so there will probably be a lot of that.

For now, though, I’ll continue to ramble on about stuff.  Hopefully I can think of four more topics.  If you have any ideas let me know.


2 responses to “Coming soon on this blog…

  1. Biscuit recipe! I’m excited already.

  2. It was my great-grandmother’s recipe (veganized, obviously, but that wasn’t hard). Well, who knows, maybe it was actually her mother’s recipe or her mother’s mother’s recipe. Now it’s my dad who makes it most often. In my mind no other biscuit compares.

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